Sleeveless Kimono

Sleeveless kimonos are a trendy option for girls that they can’t do without. Whether you are wearing a formal outfit or a casual one, you can always¬†drape yourself in such kimonos. Some are printed and some are not but comfort and style are guaranteed.

Long Sleeveless Kimonos for Women

Sleeveless Kimono
Images of Sleeveless Kimono

A blue kimono with floral designs look so chic that young girls will love to wear it. While you are on your vacation, team this up with a vest and shorts pair.

Kimono Sleeveless
Photos of Sleeveless Kimono
Sleeveless Kimono Images

Much like a long dress, the blue and black kimono looks ethereal with its flowy feature. Wear with dresses of slim silhouette and have a dressy look.

Sleeveless Kimono Pictures

Short Sleeveless Kimono Vests for Women

Sleeveless Kimonos

The lacy kimono vest complements any long or short dresses. Be it a homecoming party or a baby shower party, with a proper outfit, flaunt this.

Pictures of Sleeveless Kimono
Sleeveless Kimono Photos


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