Lace Kimono

Kimono with laceworks have a fascinating look. It could be a short or a long jacket, but the effect will remain same. Wear on top of a jean outfit or a romper, you will look effortlessly beautiful. Browse through the following list to know more about such kimonos. 

Black Lace Kimonos

Lace Kimono

A lacy kimono jacket along with a tank top and a pair of jeans have a boho look. Complement with some necklaces and wristlets.

Black Lace Kimono
Lace Kimono Robe

Plus size women can choose a lacy kimono and team this up with anything. The detailed work will shift the attention on themselves.

Lace Kimono Plus Size

Pink Lace Kimonos

Kimono Lace
Lace Kimonos

A baby pink lacy kimono is all you have to sport for a brunch party. Keep the dress as simple as possible.

Lace Kimono Photos
Lace Kimono Cardigan

A romper dress along with kimono sleeves is a perfect bridal shower outfit. Wear with gladiator sandals and a floral tiara.

Lace Kimono Sleeve Dress


Lace Kimono Top

Blue Lace Kimonos

Lace Kimono Images

A set of two pieces has an easy breezy vibe just like what a kimono offers. Pear-shaped or plus size women can opt for the dress.

Lace Kimono Jacket

Brown Lace Kimonos

Lace Kimono Pictures

Yellow Lace Kimono

A long kimono like the following one is good to go with a midi dress and a pair of ankle boots. The shade is close to yellow ochre and looks great with any dark colored dresses.

Lace Maxi Kimono

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