Kimono Bathrobe

Kimono styled bathrobes are stylish enough for women, so much so, when you wrap them around you, it is always a fine experience. Take a close look at the bathrobes, enlisted here and pick your favorites. 

Silk Kimono Bathrobes

Kimono Bathrobe
Cotton Kimono Bathrobe

Silk kimonos are comfortable for ladies to wear on a daily basis. This blue kimono with floral embellishments is a nice one to look at as well.

Kimono Bathrobe Images
Kimono Bathrobe Photos

A sky blue bathrobe along with red and blue colors is a fine choice. Use it as a bathrobe and fall in love with it.

Kimono Bathrobes
Pictures of Kimono Bathrobe

A long silk kimono with full sleeves is an ideal winter choice. The moss green shade makes it soothing.

Silk Kimono Bathrobe

Kimono Style Bathrobes

Bathrobe Kimono

Instead of silk, you can try using cotton robes like the following one. The gray colored kimono looks so elegant.

Images of Kimono Bathrobe
Photos of Kimono Bathrobe

A white kimono bathrobe is a typical choice. The long robe is comfortable and useful at the same time.

Kimono Bathrobe Pictures

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