Green Kimono

Since kimonos are women’s favorite apparel, there are various designs that are coming for them. From kimono cardigans to kimono dress, all are becoming a trend for women to follow. Here are some of such kimono outfits to make you drool over them. 

Green Floral Kimonos

Green Kimono

The floral dress has a traditional look without a doubt. This sea green shade has a soothing and soft effect.

Green Floral Kimono
Green Kimono Robe

A satin robe with floral prints has a fresh and feminine appearance. Such dresses conceal your chubby features, giving you a well-toned appearance.

Images of Green Kimono
Green Kimono Jacket

Green Kimono Cardigan

With your jeans and t-shirt combo, a kimono cardigan is the best to look chic. The itsy-bitsy print has a girlie vibe.

Green Kimono Cardigan
Green Kimono Top

Green Kimono Dress

Be party ready with a maxi gown having kimono like features. The v-shaped neckline along with loose sleeves has a fashionable impact on your figure.

Green Kimono Dress


Kimono Green

For a casual yet stylish look, you may dress up in a tank top and jeans and seal the deal with a kimono robe. The following is a good instance of how you are going to look.

Pictures of Green Kimono

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