Granny Square Shrug

Shrugs designed with granny square patterns have a different charm. You can try wearing them with your dresses, jeans and anything you are comfortable with. Colorful combinations of yarns will make you fall in love with such shrugs.

Granny Square Shrugs for Women

Granny Square Shrug

This brown and blue combined shrug will help you in the winter season to stay snug and warm. Wear with an ensemble of jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair boots.

Granny Square Cocoon Shrug
Granny Square Shrug Crochet
Granny Square Shrug Images

An amalgamation of green, blue, red, and maroon is what the following shrug is all about. The colorful thing is surely for a chilly day for making a style statement.

Granny Square Shrug Photos
Granny Square Shrug Pictures
Granny Square Shrugs

The vivacious shrug enhances the beauty of women. Team this reddish shrug with blue jeans and black ankle boots.

Pictures of Granny Square Shrug
Square Shrug Granny

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