Fair Isle Cardigan

The intriguing knitting pattern of Fair Isle style is all about using multiple strands of wool at the same time. While winter is all about trying out various interesting shades, you can take a close look at the list full of Fair Isle cardigans. 

Fair Isle Open Front Cardigan Sweaters for Women

Fair Isle Cardigan
Fair Isle Cardigan Images

An open-front sweater with a combination of green and blue is perfect for all ages. If you are a middle aged housewife or a school student, pulling off a smart look with this cardigan is easy for you.

Fair Isle Cardigan Pattern
Fair Isle Cardigan Photos
Fair Isle Cardigan Pictures

A long cardigan with overlapping collars is a comfortable option to keep you snug and warm during chilling months. Navy blue and white is a striking combination, especially with all those geometrical patterns all over the cardigan.

Fair Isle Cardigan Sweater
Fair Isle Cardigan Women
Fair Isle Cardigan Womens

A knee-length dress teamed up with a colorful cardigan makes a perfect festive look for girls. Ankle booties and socks will make you even more prettier. The round neckline and three quarter sleeves are two noticeable features of the cardigan.

Fair Isle Cardigans
Fair Isle Knit Cardigan
Images of Fair Isle Cardigan
Long Fair Isle Cardigan

A gray and white jacket-like sweater is classy. This one does not have any buttons so you just have to wear it and keep the front open, showcasing your top. However, you may always wrap around this to feel comfortable.

Old Navy Fair Isle Cardigan


Pullover Fair Isle Cardigan Sweaters for Women

Women’s Fair Isle Cardigan

If you love hooded outfits, then you may consider having this cardigan featured with a hoodie. Wear with jeans or other trousers and be the glamorous diva you always wanted to be.

Fair Isle Hooded Cardigan


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