Chiffon Shrug

Chiffon shrugs are delicate things and women love to wear them on special occasions. However, they are perfect for casual fashion as well. So, check out some of the beautiful shrugs in attractive shades in the following list.

Grey Chiffon Shrugs

Chiffon Shrug

An oversized shrug in silver color is a cool option for women. Wear with any tops and jeans combination.

Silver Chiffon Shrug
Grey Chiffon Shrug

Black Chiffon Shrugs

Black Chiffon Shrug Plus Size

A short-sleeved black shrug and a floral dress make a nice combination. For a summer evening, you can wear this.

Chiffon Shrug Plus Size

White Chiffon Shrugs

Chiffon Shrugs for Dresses

A white shrug with simple designs could be worn by both brides or bridesmaids. If the bridal dress is off-shouldered then you can easily wear such shrugs.

Ivory Chiffon Shrug
White Chiffon Shrug

This shrug is more like a jacket, which you can easily wear any time of the year. From winter to summer, the chiffon material will never cause irritation ever.

Chiffon Shrugs

Pink Chiffon Shrugs

Cream Chiffon Shrug

If you are a bridesmaid and your dress is pink, then this shrug is a suitable choice. The sleeves are long yet not meeting the wrist.

Pink Chiffon Shrug

Navy Blue Chiffon Shrugs

Navy Blue Chiffon Shrug

A navy blue chiffon shrug creates a good contrast with a white top. So, you could either go with a white dress or a crop top.

Navy Chiffon Shrug
Blue Chiffon Shrug

Gold Chiffon Shrug

Gold Chiffon Shrug

Long Chiffon Shrug

Long shrugs are for a bohemian look, more so when aptly worn. The floral pattern and the oversized feature are what the long shrug is all about.

Long Chiffon Shrug

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