Capelets are a piece of fabric that women usually wear on a sleeveless or off shoulder dresses. The material could vary but the essence is always the same. 

Woolen Capelets


Lacy Capelets

Beaded Bridal Capelet

The white capelet is a perfect option for brides. The intricate work on the neckline has a delicate look.

Beaded Wedding Capelet
Gold Beaded Capelet
Lace Capelet
Capelet Pictures

For a bridesmaid dress, the capelet is the best one, especially if the dress is off-shoulder.

Capelet Images
Capelet Photos
Sheer Capelet
Capelets for Dresses

The chunky work on the border makes the shrug-like capelet a statement one. Keep the dress simple as the capelet is going to be the main attraction.

Evening Capelet

Fur Capelets

Faux Fur Capelet

The white fur capelet has a comfortable look. During snowfalls, wear this on your winter attire.

Fur Capelet
Cream Capelet

Green Capelet

The green capelet is short, featured with a net design on the shoulder. The asymmetrical capelet is best paired with a pencil skirt.

Womens Capelet

Black Capelet

Black Capelet

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