Bridal Shrug

Bridal shrugs are expected to be matching with the wedding dress but some chose colors that are contrasting. For example, you can take a look at the black shrugs listed below. There are various designs in here and take a quick glimpse at this. 

White Bridal Shrugs

Bridal Shrug

A warm and cozy shrug like this one is for a winter wedding. If you wear an off-shoulder top this shrug is a nice option.

Beaded Bridal Shrug
Bridal Bolero Shrug
Bridal Shrug Lace

A lacy shrug is a dreamy one and goes well with an equally gorgeous dress. The fitted and flowy sleeves are nice add-ons.

Bridal Shrugs
Crochet Bridal Shrug
Faux Fur Bridal Shrug
Images of Bridal Shrug
Ivory Bridal Shrug
Photos of Bridal Shrug

The sheer shrug is the best for a bridesmaid. With a satin long gown, you can wear the shrug.

Pictures of Bridal Shrug
Plus Size Bridal Shrug
White Bridal Shrug

Black Bridal Shrugs

Fur Bridal Shrug

A black shrug along with lace works makes a wonderful accessory for women. There is no other way you can sport the bridal shrug apart from  teaming this up with a bridal dress.

Lace Bridal Shrug

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